About Clifford's history

Our history

Chef Jesse and his wife Nicole

In 1991, Clifford Enslen had a dream of opening his own restaurant. Along with his sons, twin brothers Jesse and John, the restaurant was constructed on the property through their own efforts and it opened in 1993. 

Clifford Enslen passed away in 1999 but not before he saw his dream become a reality. Since then Jesse and Nicole (his wife) took over the restaurant maintaining his vision, adding new and personal recipes from around the world and keeping writing Clifford`s history.

Seasonal and Local


Chef Jesse prepares our meal with the best fresh seasonal ingredients. He makes all his meals from scratch, that is why we have a "small" printed menu and a large selection of features every evening.

All the features are based on the availability of fresh items, fresh meats and seafood. 

Our servers are here to help and repeat as needed the list of features of the day.

Special Events and Catering


Our restaurant is available for private events: business dinners, companies meetings, family gathering, special occasions and more. 

Either you visit for business or pleasure, coming to Clifford's for dinner is an experience you will truly enjoy.